Reluctant Cowboy

Reluctant Cowboy
Reluctant Cowboy

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


In our family, we've had strange synchronicity with the kids ages. Caroline and David are two years + ten days apart, and Mason is four years + a month behind David and six years + six weeks behind Caroline.

So, when David turned eight in December 2007, Mason turned four the following January 2008. For almost 11 months, Mason was exactly half David's age.

I didn't think that would ever happen again because I'm not gifted at math.

But, in November 2009, Caroline turned 12. The following January 2010, Mason turned 6. So until last November 23, 2010, for roughly ten months, he was half Caroline's age.

On January 15, 2011, he will turn seven. Forever ending the halves. ~sigh~ What has happened to my babies?!?

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