Reluctant Cowboy

Reluctant Cowboy
Reluctant Cowboy

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tuesday, January 11. Sick day.

I did not feel good today; I did not LOOK good today either. I slept away the morning, did some facebook work for TEEX, and then picked up the kids. My friend Katie Ward asked if David wanted to come over and play with her son Joshua, so I sent him over to their car. I then manhandled Mason into our van, hoping he wouldn't notice that he wasn't included in the playdate. All I needed was for Caroline to get in our car so we could make a quick get-a-way. No go. The bratty *C* came out.
"David's in the Ward's car! What's he doing in their car? Why can't I go? What's he doing in their car. Mom, David's in their car. Mom!" Rinse and repeat in increasing loudness.
The Ward's are one of our favorite familys. Their three children play really well with my three children, and we've done a lot of combined playdates. Emma Ward is one of Caroline's very best friends. So, she assumes that if David gets to go over, she does. She kept standing by their suburban, yelling to me. I kept telling her to come and get in the car. Mason is starting to catch on that something is happening and he is not included. Crap. Nothing good will happen now. I then have to pull the big Mommy Bitch guns out.

"Caroline, get into this car this minute. I am the parent, NOT you. Get in the car NOW!!!!"
Caroline came storming over and got into the car. I am so angry now I am probably glowing with radioactive goo. I let her have it. I told her that 1) she was NOT invited to the Wards, 2) David was, 3) she is not David's parent, I am, 4) GIVE ME YOUR PHONE, and 5) her behavior was immature, inappropriate and so rude that I can't believe that she came from my body and I am totally ashamed of her. Ugh. We have had all of this conversation before. She is never to question me like that. She is never to talk to me like that. I am sure I had a LOT of nostril flare going on ;)

 BTW, I now have her phone. I don't think she will ever get it back.

Funny Mason story. Last night, when we were discussing what Mason wanted to happen on Saturday for his birthday, he said he wanted a Selena Gomez poster again. Edwin told him that Selena loved Justin Bieber. Mason said NO! Edwin said:
"Who is more handsome, you or Justin Bieber?"
and Mason replied,
"Me! I am AWESOME! High five!"
And he came over and slapped me up. :)

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