Reluctant Cowboy

Reluctant Cowboy
Reluctant Cowboy

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday, January 12.

It's the basketball game day. Thank goodness. Mason was about to explode. BACKSTORY: For reading at KOR, if the students keep track of their hours and get so many, they can win free tickets to Texas A&M Basketball games. This month, it's the men's team. So, David won two free tickets with his reading. Mason, who isn't reading and wouldn't bother keeping track anyway, was incensed on Monday when the teacher handed out the free tickets and he didn't get any. He insisted that I get on the computer THIS MINUTE and buy his. I told him that Daddy was going to take David and that they could buy his at the game. I told him that if he would read with me and we kept track of it, he could get his own free tickets. He said NO, it wasn't for reading, that I was wrong. He is such a BUTT.

So, this morning, it was 25 degrees (!) and when I dropped the kids off at school it was very cold. I told David that he had to take Mason up to the Early Room and that he couldn't play Wall Ball. Some kids were still outside, but that was just crazy. David was not happy with me. He was angry I made him wear a coat. It's those Texan men :)

I went to the meeting and saw Janet, my boss, who'd been in Egypt after Xmas. I hadn't seen her since before the break, so it was great catching up. She then sent me the Quest article that she and Brian had edited, and I sent it on to the PS&S people for checking. It's due on Friday.

After pickup and a quick lunch, I took Mason to Speech Therapy with Ms Darlene, who is always so positive. He, of course, is very bossy. I can hear that stident tone coming out from behind the door and I am just glad to get a break from it. :) He was rude to someone in the *aligator* (elevator) and when I apologized, the man asked me his age, and then said "Oh, it's okay, he's a precocious seven-year old!" Ugh. Why are ALL of my children precocious?

I am now sitting in the house ALONE (jealous??) while the HARD boys are at the basketball game and Caroline is at Youth. Yea!

UPDATE: My friend Helen Flynn texted me: Just saw Ed and boys in line for bathroom. He told Mason we're the team in white and Mason keeps yelling "Go white boys!" :)

Edwin also told me that he asked the person next to him, holding cotton candy, if he could have some. The person gave him some and he ate it with relish. He also told someone whistling behind him to stop screaming. Ugh. What a menace! ;)

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