Reluctant Cowboy

Reluctant Cowboy
Reluctant Cowboy

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Saturday, January 1st

Happy New Year! We started off the day happy and well. Edwin and Caroline went to the mall to go shopping. David, Mason and I went to Brenham to visit Mimi. Her house was beautifully decorated for Christmas still, with a small tree up and lots of angels and santas and bells all over. The boys got to have Chick-fil-A before we left home, plus a shake, so they were well-behaved ... for them ;) We got a call from Edwin around 2 saying he couldn't find Caroline but then got a relieved phone call a little later saying that he'd run into her and was picking her up later. The boys and I stayed until around 5, when we left Brenham and returned home. They watched IRON MAN in the car and were actually quiet, which was great. Mason, Mr. Speech/Comprehension Delay, has made great strides lately, and this was really shown when I had to correct him in the car. He had his DS game on REALLY loud, and David asked him to turn it down so he could hear the movie. Mason complained loudly. I told him to turn it down because it really WAS loud. Mason turned to me and said, quite loudly,
"Are you taking his side over mine? Are you choosing him over me?"
I had to crack up. He totally would not have been able to do that before. With progress comes problems for Mommy :)

When we got home Edwin and Caroline were here, and we had a nice supper all together. We've had a great vacation spending time together.

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sunpixie said...

Yea Mason!! That is huge!! :)